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Transmission-julkaisu 17 joulukuun, 2007

    Transmission, The Creative Worker: New perspectives for the arts in Europe 2006

Executive editor: Chrissie Tiller

Associate editors., Rachel Dockinson, Lotta vaulo

Printed by. Erweko Painotuote OY

(Julkaisu sisältää kuuden Euroopan maan (Itävalta, Suomi, Irlanti, Hollanti, Puola, Englanti) katsaukset yleistilanteesta, taiteilijoiden ja työntantajien kokemuksia yhteistyöstä sekä esimerkkejä onnistuneista projekteista ja hankkeista. Otteet julkaisusta: Niina Nurminen, Hannele Yltiö)

    Changing Practice

I use forum theatre and art-based training methods in different working communities: from hospital staff to day- care workers, city office staff, church employees or corporate managers. Forum theatre is an effective tool for provoking people into discussion, and for addressing communication problems whilst increasing their well- being and creativity. I write the script for these workshops based on the challenges these people face in their own work, and then place the scenes and characters in a fictional setting. We develop and rehearse the scenes and deliver the three- to six- hour workshop to our clients. The role of the audience is paramount: the actors don’t give the answers to how the characters should behave but provoke them to find solutions and try new models through practice. We feel we have succeeded when we have made ourselves redundant and led the participants in a lively discussion about the issues in their working environment. This is made possible by working with professional and highly- motivated actors who feel that theatre can be much more than just entertainment.

    What drives the artist?

The work has broadened my point of view of today’s society and has given me an important angle to look at the world as an artist. Everyday it gives me new challenges, skills and professioinal tools to work with, and the opportunity to use my own skills and those of my colleagues. It is also an important addition to my annual income. My driving force is the knowledge that what I do has importance to the people I work for and that I can, through my work as an artist, enhance the dialogue and communication between people of different ages and backgrounds, culture and social class.

Niina Nurminen

Actress, Forum Theatre Workshop Trainer


    Why employ artists?

We have used forum theatre workshops with many different client groups. Seeing examples of typical work situations performed by professional actors, has freed employees to evaluate their own behaviour and given them new perspectives on the impact of their actions. The work has been useful for both organisations and employees. The most important gains are:

Working situations being made more visible

Helping to evaluate the working process phase- by- phase

Giving a new perspective into developing work

Encouraging new ideas of doing work (differently)

Creating readiness to improve communication skills

Encouraging topics of serious discussion with positive humour

Encouraging the shy to give their opinions

Decreasing fear of performing in public

Creating a free atmosphere for discussion

We are now thinking of more ways to involve the arts in training and developing the working environment.

Hannele Yltiö

City of Helsinki Education and Development Office



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